Toob Loober For YouTube

I made a new tool for youtube's 360 format video playback.

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  • At the beginning of January, Youtube changed the format of their 360 video.The broadcast made no difference for most users, since they updated all their viewers well ahead of time. The new format resembles a cubemap, and it has a header which specifies the mapping for clients to use. Google calls their new format equiangular cubemap (EAC).

    For fulldome operators who were using the 360 equirectangular media from YouTube, this means that they have to convert the video ahead of time, if they even have the capacity to do so. To solve this problem, I've created Toob Loober, a new software for playing Youtube format equiangular cubemap videos. Please let me know if this is useful for you and if you would like me to add any more functionality with the comments area below.

     Download Toob Loober Mac

     Download Toob Loober Windows