New Download and Updates is the network package I use for multiplayer gaming data

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  • I use for lots of tools. Cosmic Orbiters was originally built to provide a proof of concept for phone based multiplayer game interactions with planetariums and other massive format displays using a pre v1 release of Updates and security flaws keep being found in that old code, so I've got to update the central version of on this website host.
    There have been some challenges to this process, which included some downtime and a move to a new AWS host with a little bit more elbow room in the form of file storage. I'm still working on new server source code. The new doesn't use express middleware the same way, so I've had to change my approach to linking the RESTful API and the Websocket data stream that runs on the AWS ECS server.
    BestHTTP also has some revisions to update the server to use V3 and incorporating them on the game side means creating a new release, so I'll have to roll that out when I figure out the new server.

    I updated the contact tool so that it includes a recaptcha routine. Hopefully this makes the contact form a little more useful to all of us. I was getting inundated by spam and script injections without it.

    You can download the new version now, it features a whole lot of behind the scenes improvements to the network server, data server, REST server, and the client connection libraries.