The Original Multiplayer Planetarium Game

  • Cosmic Orbiters is a game created by indie developer, Belin Fieldson (@thebelin) as a way to access digital domes and planetariums in multiplayer gaming.
  • Cosmic Orbiters includes a variety of game modes. The original mode is great for 1 vs 1 starship battles. The Improved Orbiters mode is fun for groups of people. There's a TANKS mode where you play with cartoon tanks, and a couple of different races to try. The players at any given location are in charge of voting for what game they want to play.
  • Cosmic Orbiters can be played free during testing and beta distribution. Please download the game and participate in the beta program today! If you are lucky enough to have access to a 360 degree digital dome, then bring the fun of Cosmic Orbiters to your own planetarium, fulldome, or theater venue.
  • Cosmic Orbiters requires a high speed internet connection for the server running the game. Your attendees will also require internet enabled smart phones with web browsers to play.
  • Cosmic Orbiters uses NDI streaming to broadcast a live h.265 mpeg stream to the projector array at high speed. The server is available on OSX and Windows Operating Systems. If you are using a single projector, then single display mode works also.
  • Cosmic Orbiters is available for special licensing and customization. We can customize your Cosmic Orbiters installation with themes and games which reflect your unique community, and put you in control of your own server for managing your games.
  • Cosmic Orbiters is FREE to play for your attendees, so once they've paid your attendance fee, there's no additional costs to them.
  • Request information about customization and interactive presentations.