Play Instructions for Cosmic Orbiters

Playing Cosmic Orbiters is Easy

    • Cosmic Orbiters is easy to control. Each ship is a little bit different, but they follow the same general patterns.
    • Each ship has a life meter and an energy meter. The life meter is the bar to the side of the ship. The energy meter is a circle which the ship sits in.
    • Controller Layout:

    • Steering is done with the joypad. Press left to turn left, right to turn right. Steering doesn't require energy on most ships.
    • Press the Profile Icon, next to your callsign, to get back to the profile page.
    • Acceleration is the "A" button. Press this to move forward.
    • The shoot button is "B" Press this for your spaceship's primary attack.
    • The special button is "C" or "Z." Every ship has a different special ability.
    Hopefully this gives you a good idea of how to play the game. If you have more questions, ask your neighbor.